new headshot copyJohn Elizabeth Alemán has been a resident of Miami Beach for more than twenty years. She is married to Jose Braulio.  The Alemáns have two sons, who are fourth-generation Miami Beach residents.

John is a business professional and an active member of our community. Her corporate career was in information technology that provided strategic technology consulting to Ryder System, Inc., a Miami-based Fortune 500 company.  John has been active in the Miami Beach public schools, including serving as President of the North Beach Elementary PTA, and is a strong supporter of public education.

John was born in Tampa and raised in Sarasota. She has two sisters. John’s father was born in Panama City, FL at Tyndall Air Force base. Her paternal grandfather was an Air Force instructor pilot who retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. Her father and stepmother live in Palmetto, FL.

John’s mother is the original “Girl named John.” Her mother was a special education teacher who died unexpectedly when John was 14 years old.  John’s maternal grandfather, Dr. William Fitts, promised his World War II buddy and fellow Army medic to name his second child in his memory.

John’s parents chose to continue this legacy and named their second child, also a girl, the same way.

John is proud of her name as result of this tradition, and she and her husband continue the legacy.