• Miami Beach Residents are voting for John Aleman…As you head to the polls to vote, please take a moment and read what local Miami Beach residents Carolina Jones, Margueritte Ramos, and Gayle Durham are saying about me and my campaign…LEARN MORE
  • Aleman Endorsed by Miami Beach Fire Fighters & FOP…I am truly honored to have the support of our First Responders. These brave men and women work tirelessly to keep us safe and protected…LEARN MORE
  • New TV Commercial – Aleman is the Clear Choice in Group 6…Please view our latest TV ad that we launched earlier this week, which educates the public about my opponent’s background….LEARN MORE
  • Historic Preservation – A Balance Approach…As I had mailed you many weeks ago, please take a moment to review my plan for historic preservation on Miami Beach and let me know your thoughts on the issue…LEARN MORE
  • Commissioner Michael Grieco & Margueritte Ramos Endorsements…I am honored that my campaign continues to gain support from city leaders like Commissioner Michael Grieco as well as respected and long-time community activists like Margueritte Ramos…LEARN MORE
  • View Aleman’s TV Commercial…Our campaign continues to build momentum leading into “Vote By Mail” week…LEARN MORE
  • A Clear Choice in Group 6…In Group 6, the choice is clear: Vote for my opponent, a recent arrival with questionable intentions. Or vote for me, a 21-year resident with a solid professional and civic track record in this City, raising sons here who are fourth-generation Miami Beach residents…LEARN MORE
  • View Aleman’s TV Commercial…Our campaign continues to build momentum leading into “Vote By Mail” week…LEARN MORE
  • Group 6 Announcement: Commissioner Joy Malakoff & AFL-CIO Endorsement…This has been another stellar week for my campaign! I was humbled to learn that Miami Beach Commissioner Joy Malakoff endorsed me for Miami Beach Commission in Group 6. Then on Thursday came the great news that I had gained the endorsement of the South Florida AFL-CIO…LEARN MORE
  • John Aleman Endorsed by SAVE Action PAC…I am elated to announce that on Monday I received the endorsement from the SAVE Action PAC for Miami Beach Commissioner in Group 6…LEARN MORE
  • We Did It! – And the Issue of Flooding…Support the City’s present and future infrastructure investments and flood prevention plans to keep us dry and protect our property values!…LEARN MORE
  • Campaign Update & The Issue of Historic Preservation…My decision to run was based on my personal investment in this Community, and my desire to keep Miami Beach a great place to live and raise a family…LEARN MORE
  • She’s Ready to Serve!…All throughout Miami Beach, residents I meet want solutions and relief to our traffic congestion problems.  With your support and vote, as your Commissioner I will work to ensure that we are tackling these problems both in the short term and long term…LEARN MORE